2023 | Saudi Arabia | Social-economic development

Establishment of a Quality System for Social Public Services

Context & objectives:

The project aims to design and implement a social quality department whose purpose is to ensure the quality of the social services offered by the Ministry, as well as to ensure the continuous improvement of these services, through the periodic evaluation of the level of social services rendered and by guaranteeing their compliance with national and international quality standards.

Main achievements & impacts
  • Mobilization of the stakeholders involved in this project, in particular the 3 departments of the ""Social Development"" sector, as well as the 20 general administrations attached to these departments.
  • Organized over 30 meetings with the administrations concerned to verify the list of policies, services and procedures offered by each administration.
  • Development of a quality assessment framework for the documentation of these services and policies.
  • Development of an assessment form or grid for each administration to determine the level of documentation of its services and policies, and identify any missing elements, to be completed subsequently.

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