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Definition of the diversification and value chain development strategy of a group in the textile sector

Context & objectives:

The group wishes to ensure its durability and its development for the next 5 years through the consolidation of its current activities and the diversification towards new strategic activities. We intervened to support the group in its strategic diversification by identifying, first, the strategic axes and by elaborating, then, the development plan.

Objectives :

  • Selecting strategic areas of development for internal or external growth
  • Select strategic opportunities/new business areas and develop the strategic development plan.

Main achievements & impacts
  • Develop the SWOT of the Group
  • Conduct a benchmark of groups that have successfully diversified
  • Identify 5 potential strategic axes & Analyze the impact and feasibility of each strategic axis
  • Organize a prioritization workshop to choose 2 strategic axes to develop
  • Identify development opportunities for each strategic axis
  • Estimate the profitability of each identified opportunity
  • Organize a prioritization and validation workshop for strategic areas of activity and select a shortlist of opportunities in new sectors/activities to develop
  • Formalize recommendations for the group's development strategy, as well as the conditions of success for the implementation of the 2 selected opportunities
  • Develop a business plan and a development plan for the 2 selected opportunities

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