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In Matine's journey, we grow every day. Wherever we go and whatever we do, our people grow with us. We want to give talented and innovative people the chance to explore new avenues in a challenging and rewarding international environment.

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What we are looking for

There is no one model that a candidate must fit. At Matine, we value diversity and differences and seek to use them as a tool for success and to bring unique visions to the table.Nevertheless our people share certain qualities that form the core of our business and the backbone of our approach to success.


At Matine Consulting, we rely heavily on our reputation to operate in a professional and competitive global marketplace. Fees can always be negotiated, but reputation cannot.

That's why we seek to hire trustful people with impeccable ethics. Professional reputation is the most important attribute consultants can possess. It represents their professional capital, their personal brand, but most importantly, their license to practice.

Technical skills

Analytical thinking refers to the way of thinking, not the type of problem being solved. It's not just about solving quantitative and qualitative problems. It's about knowing how to handle them. We are looking for people who can solve problems, break them down into smaller pieces, collect reliable data, develop hypotheses in a reasonable manner using that data, and finally arrive at an effective solution and a perfect overview.

Critical thinking is essential. We are confronted on a daily basis with various sources of data, opinions, assumptions and must constantly challenge them and dig deeper to reach the best solutions to the problems at hand.

Soft skills

We believe in the supremacy of collective intelligence. Team spirit and teamwork are an essential ingredient of our success. Trust is our union and basis for collaboration.

The human factor is often neglected in the conduct of missions and can tip the balance even if the subject is perfectly mastered on the technical level. Emotional intelligence, empathy with our colleagues and clients, passion about our people and countries are thus essential.

There is always a solution no matter how complex the problem is. We have always faith in our ability to bring solutions where there are problems, using interactive communication, leadership and charisma.


At Matine, the special journey begins at the interview stage. Interviews allow us to learn more about your skills and potential. The goal is to communicate with you, make you feel comfortable and help you learn more about us and what you can do when you join us.There is no need to be stressed or anxious, remember that we have already been impressed with your application. So be yourself, relax and let your skills and intelligence shine through.A minimum of 3 to 4 interviews are conducted during the recruitment process, depending on the level of experience of the candidate :

  • the first is an HR interviews : We like to get to know you more and hear about your experiences, achievements and challenges. We like to learn about your skills and what you can bring through that to our company.
  • the others are case study interview : We think the best way to learn about your analytical thinking and your problem-solving skills is to discuss a real case with you. It helps us understand how you break down problems, how you prioritize issues, how you identify data that should be gathered to solve the issues, how you deal with facts and how you structure a solution and formulate a recommendation. All this is brought in a fast-moving and smooth discussion.

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