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Benefit from our extended network of experts and partner firms across MEA region and from our knowledge center resources.

Access to our experts network

A network of 2.500+ selected subject matter experts, built over 10 years of work in multiple sectors, functions and regions. Each expert has at least 20 years of experience in renown institutions.

Access to our local partners network

A network of local partners across the MEA region : consulting firms, tech providers, professional associations. For each country of intervention, we combine best of breed methodologies, deep expertise, knowledge of the local context and local execution capabilities.

Benefit from our knowledge center

Research papers, data driven insights, Fintech and digital transformation training cycles.

Professional services

Expert database

Benefit from our expert base of more than 2500 experts of different international and local profiles such as ex-ministers, academics, entrepreneurs, startappers, engineers and technicians, etc.  Our network is a group of high-level professionals from all sectors, mastering several languages in order to provide a deep sectoral expertise with actionable results

Distribution of experts by service

Professional services


Fintechs and digital transformation academy, Data driven insights, Access to our network of technology partners

  • Introduction à la Révolution Digitale​
  • Digital Transformation
  • Open Banking​
  • Data Analytics & IA​
  • Digital Marketing​
  • Intelligent Automation​
  • Digital Payments​
  • Blockchain
  • Crowdfunding
  • Cyber-security​
  • Regtechs​
  • Réglementation locale et internationale​

Our network of 2.500+ selected subject matter experts, and still expanding !

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