2020 | Tunisia | Services & Manufacturing

Implementation of a Lean Six Sigma approach in the production line of the electrical industry

Context & objectives:

In order to remain competitive and follow market trends, the company must not only master manufacturing techniques, but also have IT knowledge to manufacture bulbs that are compatible with IOT platforms like Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT. In this context, technical assistance will be provided to implement a technical training program and a lean manufacturing program.The project strives to:

  • Develop a training program and a lean
  • manufacturing program to reduce Varat Tunisie’s production costs by 3%.
  • Improve profitability, generate 500,000 TND in incremental sales.

Main achievements & impacts
  • Improvement of Process Mapping & Action Plan
  • Creation of visual management
  • Training and creation of work site
  • Evaluation Report

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