2014 | Tunisia | Services & Manufacturing

Support to the realization of the public-private dialogue in the textile and pharmaceutical industry sectors

Context & objectives:

As part of its "Competitive Industry and Innovation Program" program, donors (client) and the Tunisian government have launched a consultation for the selection of a consulting firm that would take over the management of the parties. stakeholders and the organization and running of the workshops as part of the diagnostic phase of the textile and pharmaceutical industries.

The project strives to:

  • Formalize the exchange framework for private public dialogue
  • Identify and map stakeholders
  • Perform a diagnosis of the sectors
  • To ensure the adhesion of the representatives of the public (Ministries, agencies ...), of the private (UTICA) as well as the social representatives (UGTT)
  • Formalize the results of the exchanges on the diagnosis and the first recommendations

Main achievements & impacts
  • Mapping participants and planning workshops
  • Workshop facilitation and feedback tools
  • Workshops animation
  • Development of planned outputs for each workshop (SWOT, macro action plan, impact assessment grid ...)
  • Consolidated report summarizing the conclusions of the various workshop

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