2016 | Saudi Arabia | Services & Manufacturing

Study on energy price reform in a Gulf Cooperation Council member country

Context & objectives:

The demand for energy from the Country Client has increased by more than 5% per year during the last 5 years. This rate of growth could lead to the Country becoming a net importer of energy in the near future. The drop in energy prices in 2014 resulted in a budget deficit of several tens of dollars in 2015. The government has looked into the study of the various possibilities that can reduce this deficit in 2016.

The project strives to:

  • Study the impact of price reform on different energy products, on households and professionals, and on macroeconomics
  • Plan the implementation of the reform

Main achievements & impacts
  • International Benchmark of Reforms and Similar Communication Campaigns
  • Roadmap to the implementation of the reform
  • Diagram of the key measures to be undertaken
  • Presentation of alternative solutions
  • Selecting a third party agency to manage public relations

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