2013 | Jordan | Education, employment & entrepreneurship

Strategic due diligence for the acquisition of a player in professional training in the Middle East

Context & objectives:

Our client is an investment fund from the MENA region, wishing to study the opportunity to acquire a private actor of vocational training in Jordan. The activity of the target is divided into 3 sectors: (1) vocational training, (2) enterprise training and (3) training in media and production. The client commissioned Matine Consulting to evaluate the durability of the commercial growth of these 3 business sectors over the next 8 years

The project strives to:

  • Conduct an on-site survey: senior managers within the target, government representatives, teachers and students, former students ...
  • Analyze the collected material and synthesize recommendations with the support of two international experts, in order to:
  • Evaluate the possibility of increasing revenues by increasing the capacity of existing facilities
  • Evaluating the durability of training contracts in companies
  • Evaluate the media license portfolio held by the media activity sector

Main achievements & impacts
  • Final report that assisted the Investment Committee in its decision to acquire the target
  • Analysis of the 3 markets (market size, opportunities and threats, growth levers, barrier to entry) and highlighting the positioning of the target (strengths and weaknesses)
  • Evaluation of media licenses and critical review of the business plan

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