2020 | Tunisia | Education, employment & entrepreneurship | Social-economic development

Assistance in diagnosing the labor market (Economics, Human Capital, Governance and Implementation)

Context & objectives:

20 years of high unemployment (~15%).
Two previous NSE not implemented (2009 and 2012)
A diagnosis of the labor market validated through a participatory and inclusive approach involving the Government, the UGTT (labor union) and the UTICA (employers' union).

Client objectives : Develop a NSE with the following main objectives:
To significantly reduce the unemployment rate.
Address the failures of the labor market identified in the diagnosis.
To draw lessons from previous NSE.

Main achievements & impacts
  • Assistance in the development of the NES: PMO, management of experts
  • Assistance in the preparation and holding of taskforces with a total of more than 300 participants
  • Assistance in the methodology for drafting the NES
  • Assistance in the consultations with the social partners in order to validate the NES
  • A NES developed for the first time with a tripartite participatory approach involving the Government, the UGTT and UTICA

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