2016 | Tunisia | Education, employment & entrepreneurship | Social-economic development

Implementation of the Digital Talent Repository in 10 private companies and 10 public and private higher education institutions

Context & objectives:

Following the adoption of the new ICT job reference system, realized with the national federation of ICT, affiliated to the UTICA, we assisted the federation to implement this reference system in a dozen companies throughout the Tunisian territory, and especially in several ISET and public and private universities in Tunisia.This was done under the patronage of the Ministry of Higher Education as well as the UTICA and the World Bank with its branch, the IFC.Client objectives:

  • Raise awareness among companies and education providers about the value of the ICT skills and competencies repository (REM/REC)
  • Provide technical assistance to companies and education providers to adopt the REM/REC

Main achievements & impacts:

Successful development of the job reference framework for ICT professions. Matine Consulting provided assistance to the federation in implementing this framework in around ten companies across the Tunisian territory, as well as in several ISETs (Higher Institutes of Technological Studies) and public and private universities in Tunisia. This achievement was made possible through the organization of a launch seminar and the conduct of four awareness workshops in different regions of Tunisia, while also providing technical assistance to selected education providers and companies for the implementation of REM/REC within their organizations.

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