2015 | Tunisia | Education, employment & entrepreneurship

Development of the concept to establish an integrated university campus

Context & objectives:

The client was seeking to establish an American-style university and innovation and research centers on an integrated campus in the Tunis area.The project aimed to determine the concept and initial investment needed to for the university campus to be established

Objectives :

  • Begin preliminary planning in order to better attract investors and gain government support
  • Design a general concept for the campus
  • Gain an understanding of the market
  • Estimate the amount of investment needed
  • Devise a preliminary roadmap for the facility

Main achievements & impacts
  • The plan for the campus went from a completely undefined concept to a preliminary design of the components of the innovation and research centers and the positioning of the university internationally
  • The client validated the investor pitch produced
  • The “pitch” will be used to gain government support and attract local and international investors

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