2019 | Tunisia | Education, employment & entrepreneurship | Social-economic development

Reform of the Study Plan for Computer Science Licenses for the Higher Institutes of Technological Studies

Context & objectives:

With the aim of reducing unemployment in Tunisia and creating jobs, EFE has undertaken to upgrade and update the ICT study plans to better match the needs of the labor market. Our client has used our services for the PMO part of the Plan Reform ProjectClient objectives:

  • Identify the needs of the current job market
  • Review current study plans with private sector representatives and members of the Reform
  • Commission and identify materials to be reviewed or replaced
  • Present study plans to implement for the 2019-2020 school year

Main achievements & impacts
Establishment of 3 workshops during which this work was carried out :
  • Identification of trades to be targeted by the races
  • Identification of skills related to targeted trades
  • Identification of subjects to cover the required skills
  • Constitution of new study plans

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