2020 | Tunisia | Education, employment & entrepreneurship | Social-economic development

Evaluation of the human capital development system (higher education and vocational training)

Context & objectives:

Matine Consulting conducted a study for USAID in the context of the Tunisia JOBS program on the actions carried out for the improvement of the workforce development systemin in Tunisia by focusing on Higher Education and Vocational Training.Client objectives:

  • Identify priority challenges facing the workforce development system
  • Provide an overview of how programs are addressing these challenges
  • Propose actionable recommendations for future Tunisia JOBS interventions.

Main achievements & impacts
  • Major challenges faced by the actors of the workforce development system in Tunisia.
  • An overview of the programs for improving the workforce development system in Higher Education and Vocational Training
  • Recommendation list of possible areas that US AID can focus on in the short and medium terms.

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