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Program of dematerialization of the processes of subscription, modification and cancellation of the offer’s customers of the individuals

Context & objectives:

As part of the "Dematerialization" program, the "Digital Agency and CRM" division took charge of the project to set up the online electronic signature for offers subscribed through the BDDF (Contact Application) workstation.Following the scoping phase conducted in Q4 2015, the implementation of a first batch was launched in January 2016 and is currently in the implementation phase. The work is in progress and the production of this first batch is scheduled for November 2016

The project strives to:

  • Assistance on piloting Lot 1 with the project manager within the cluster:
  • Assistance for monitoring the progress of work, identifying risks and defining corrective actions to be taken
  • Assistance in piloting the project and participation in steering bodies.
  • Assistance for the continuation of the batch 2 scoping work that will be initiated in June:
  • The analysis of the impacts on the defined target and the adjustment of the figures in coordination with all the contributors of the project and in coherence with the feedback of the work already carried out
  • The preparation of a file of framing for presentation to the trade and the budgetary authorities.
  • Assistance for launching and piloting Lot 2 implementation works.

Main achievements & impacts
  • Lot 1:
  • Facilitate the work with the project manager within the cluster and participate in steering bodies.
  • Lot 2:
  • Produce a launch note for the scoping phase for ITIM contributors
  • Contribute to reflections on the scope and impacts on the target
  • Update the encryption
  • Produce intermediate and final deliverables, including the scoping file
  • Produce the detailed implementation schedule and launch note for the implementation phase
  • Facilitate the work with the project manager within the cluster and participate in steering bodies

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