2014 | Tunisia | Financial Services

Technical assistance and compliance of an association to obtain Microcredit approval

Context & objectives:

The client is a German international development cooperation agency that wishes to offer its support to a microcredit association in order to align it with the new standards in terms of planning and management of the activity, ensuring its compliance and compliance. obtaining its microcredit approval and capitalize on this support to generalize it to other microcredit associations.

The project strives to:

  • Development of a complete diagnosis of the association and definition of its ambitions.
  • Definition of a medium-term strategy.
  • Development of a business plan, development plan and training plan and capacity building.
  • Identification and analysis of basic texts necessary for compliance and obtaining approval from the microfinance supervisory authority.
  • Launch of the process of compliance and obtaining approval from the competent authorities.
  • Generalization of the Association's accompanying approach to deploy it to other associations.

Main achievements & impacts
  • Chronogram of actions to be taken with the authorities
  • Application file for approval, according to the note of the Control Authority of Micro Finance
  • Standard process for compliance and obtaining microcredit approval
  • Package of tools to use as part of the Approach

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