2021 | Saudi Arabia | Financial Services

Strategic study for the establishment of an asset management company in the Awqaf sector

Context & objectives:

"The IsDB is an international financial institution, established in 1973, with the purpose of promoting social and economic development in Member countries and Muslim communities worldwide. The instiution wished to create an asset management company specialized in Awqaf assets to meet the need of innovative mechanisms in managing waqf assets, unravel waqf’s economic potential and successfully achieve its philanthropic objectives.IsDB seeked assistance to refine the vision, business model and operating model of the new asset management company and develop a tailored business case and raodmap to implement it."

Main achievements & impacts
  • Formalize the vision for the new asset management company, including the identification of targets and priority markets.
  • Develop a suitable business model including product and service catalog, business model, channels....
  • Define and document required operating model.
  • Elaborate operational action plan.
  • Identify the appropriate legal framework.
  • Develop a tailored business case (including financial model).
  • Prepare an investor package.

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