2016 | Tunisia | PUBLIC POLICY | Social-economic development

Elaboration of a new regional development framework and socio-economic diagnosis of the 24 governorates according to their potential and economic results

Context & objectives:

Matine Consulting was commissioned by the World Bank to carry out a diagnosis of the current economic situation in Tunisia.The areas that are proposed to be covered include:​

  • Economic observations: structural transformation, exports, investment, public finances …​​
  • Social performance observation:​ unemployment, regional disparities
  • Brakes on development: governance​

The project strives to:

  • Spatial analysis of 24 governorates
  • Diagnosis of regional development programs and policies in Tunisia since 1960​
  • Support to policy dialogue on regional development

Main achievements & impacts
  • Spatial analysis of the economic performance and potential of the 24 Tunisian governorates​
  • In-depth analysis of 2 governorates​
  • Diagnostic notes on Tunisian regional development policy​
  • Capacity building workshops for the Ministry of Regional Development

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