2017 | Tunisia | PUBLIC POLICY | Social-economic development

Assistance in the design of a new institution in charge of promoting investments in the offshoring sector

Context & objectives:

Designed as part of a public-private partnership and launched in 2015, Smart Tunisia is a project of the State Tunisia n intended to promote Tunisia as leader of offshoring for international investors of the offshoring aiming to create 50,000 jobs over the next 5 years, Smart Tunisia has reached only 10% of this objective, and this in view of its lack of management autonomy (purchases, recruitment, salaries, funding) induced by its legal status of Management Unit by Objective.

Objectives :

  • Present 3 legal status and business model scenarios to give Smart Tunisia the necessary management autonomy, for government arbitration

Main achievements & impacts
  • Identification and evaluation of 3 scenarios, including their respective impacts and feasibility.
  • Development of a comprehensive legal framework derived from the optimal scenario.
  • Creation of a compelling advocacy document aimed at endorsing the chosen optimal scenario.

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