2016 | Saudi Arabia | Services & Manufacturing | Social-economic development

Creation of the NHC, National Housing Company of Saudi Arabia

Context & objectives:

Saudi Arabia faces multiple housing challenges for its population. Indeed, the gap between housing supply and demand is estimated at nearly one million. The State has taken up this issue and is now seeking to unlock the immense potential of the real estate sector. In this context, the Ministry of Housing is considering the creation of a real estate investment fund, NHC, under its supervision (the National Housing Company). The objective of this entity will be to:

  • Investing at different levels in the real estate industry value chain
  • Financing real estate projects
  • Co-invest with the private sector in housing projects

Objectives :the creation of the NHC presents various issues related to the organization's vision, mandate, objectives and governance. but also, its ability to assess the real estate sector at a national level.

Main achievements & impacts
  • Market and competition analysis. Market size assessment, market forecasts and trends, value chain analysis
  • Benchmarking of similar national and international funds
  • Development of the organization's vision
  • Proposed mandate and objectives of the NHC
  • Evaluation of the potential impact of the NHC and the Ministry of Housing in light of the mandate and objectives set out

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