Analysis of the Investment Framework for Green Hydrogen and its Derivatives in Tunisia

Context & objectives:

This mission is part of the "H2VertTUN" project launched by GiZ in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy, which aims to improve the framework conditions for the development of an industrial value chain based on renewable energies for the production of green hydrogen and its derivatives in Tunisia.

Main achievements & impacts
  • Elaboration of an in-depth analysis of the H2Vert Ecosystem: We carried out a detailed analysis of the local and international investment environment in the Green Hydrogen sector in Tunisia, including an international benchmark, the identification of measures to improve the investment framework, a mapping of key players, and an in-depth assessment of the ecosystem.
  • Barrier Identification: Our team collaborates with stakeholders to identify and assess barriers hindering green hydrogen investments in Tunisia. Through workshops and dialogues, we delve into the root causes, ensuring a clear understanding of the challenges at hand.
  • Action Planning: Developed a detailed implementation plan to guide initiatives, ensuring clear direction and accountability. Additionally, we Conduct a legislative study of the top 10 priority measures.
  • Implementation Support: Established robust governance structures and monitoring mechanisms for efficient execution and oversight of action plans involving key stakeholders. This includes defining key roles, periodic progress reporting, governance meetings, and mechanisms for addressing critical issues.

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