2019 | Tunisia | Agriculture & Agribusiness | Social-economic development

Commercial due diligence for the acquisition of a company specialized in tomato processing

Context & objectives:

DPI is targeting the acquisition of a major operator in the Processed Tomato industry in Tunisia.DPI aims to conduct a commercial due diligence by an external consultant within a timeframe of four to five (4-5) weeks on the Target companyThe project strives to:Estimate the market size and growth potentialUnderstand the market dynamics, mainly in terms of:

  • Procurement of fresh tomatoes
  • Sales and distribution
  • Client preferences and branding
  • Perform an internal assessment of target on key functions (agronomy, procurement, marketing, and sales)
  • Review the buyer’s initial business plan

Main achievements & impacts
  • Market size and market shares estimated for the processed tomato, harissa, and jams
  • Growth factors identified and estimated over 7 years
  • Value chain analyzed from end-to-end, and bottlenecks identified
  • Business plan reviewed and commented

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