2022 | Algeria | Agriculture & Agribusiness

Identification of investment opportunities in the algerian dates sector

Context & objectives:

IFC, the private sector arm of the World Bank Group, promotes sustainable private sector growth and is the largest multilateral provider of financing for private enterprise in emerging markets.IFC is historically involved in the Algerian Financial Sector and aims to develop its investments in the country, notably in the agribusiness and more specifically the Dates sector.IFC hired Matine to complete an analysis of the Algerian dates value chain and identify investment opportunities to increase competitiveness and value chain upgrading that can be financed by IFC.

Main achievements & impacts

  • Analysis of the global date market: retrospective analysis and 2028 projections
  • Analysis of the Algerian date sector and benchmark with 3 countries: 55 reports and data sources analyzed, 20 interviews conducted, field visit with 5 Algerian operators, 5 international experts consulted
  • Identification of investment opportunities: 23 development projects identified with 8 local operators for more than $ 38.6 million of investments

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