2015 | Tunisia | Health & Pharmaceuticals

Sector assessment and selection of one technical program in the health sector

Context & objectives:

Our client is an international NGO aimed at increasing youth employment in the MENA region through training programs and recruitment workshops. In 2013, EFE Tunisia completed a total of 1,100 graduates and a total of 200 internships. The client has identified 4 strategic growth areas to be targeted by training programs in order to achieve its development objectives. Among these sectors is health sector. Thus, EFE Tunisia wishes to make an evaluation and selection of a technical program for one of the 4 sectors.

The project strives to:

  • Identify and understand business needs and expectations of university graduates in terms of technical skills
  • Develop new technical programs to meet identified needs

Main achievements & impacts
  • The results of the sectoral evaluation and the defined technical programs will be issued to unemployed graduates to ensure their placement

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