2019 | Tunisia | Health & Pharmaceuticals | Tourism & culture

Commercial due diligence for a player operating in medical tourism

Context & objectives:

  • A leading player in the private healthcare market.
  • A difficult national context limiting the growth of the local market despite the gap in the supply of care not satisfied by the public sector.
  • An important export market but not structurally addressed.
  • A sector very sensitive to regulatory changesClient objectives: Conducting commercial due diligence on the target, covering mainly:
  • The size of the local and export markets and competition assessment
  • Market growth drivers and key industry stakeholders
  • The negotiating powers of free practice physicians and their expectations
  • The legal and regulatory framework
  • Assessment of the clinic’s readiness for international accreditation

Main achievements & impacts
  • Sizing of the market (local and export) by patient (by nationality), in value and pathologies/specialties requested.
  • Identification of the key points of the regulatory framework and analysis of short- and medium-term reform scenarios
  • In-depth analysis of the clinic's performance, infrastructure and internal processes

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