2016 | Tunisia | Health & Pharmaceuticals | Social-economic development

Development Strategy for human drugs exports

Context & objectives:

Despite an increase in exports to 15% per annum, the pharmaceutical sector represents less than 0.2% of Tunisia's exports. Public and private actors want to define the 2030 ambitions in terms of exports, and this in the following public-private dialogue on the competitiveness of the pharmaceutical sector, organized in 2014.

The project strives to

  • Identify the different evolution scenarios for 2015-2030 drug exports, including Country and target products
  • Define the necessary actions to realize the different scenarios
  • Identify the sectoral and macroeconomic impacts of the different scenarios

Main achievements & impacts
Identification of 2 scenarios and their impacts:­
  • Optimization of the existing and search for new markets relatively easy to access
  • Transformation of the drug sector to export more than imported by 2030
  • If these two scenarios are not put in place, there is a risk of regression where Tunisia would lose its current position in terms of drug exports.

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