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Investment strategy in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry and sourcing of investment opportunities

Context & objectives:

The pharmaceutical industry in Tunisia, after having emerged in the 90s thanks to pioneers such as Adwya, has experienced an important development and today there are more than 40 laboratories present on the territory and ensuring 50% of domestic needs and focused on the manufacture of generic drugs.In spite of this development, which is encouraged by an incentive regulatory framework, the local market is experiencing relatively weak growth due to several factors (naturally defensive sector with low growth, a deficient drug reimbursement mechanism, lack of innovation, etc.) and their export performance remains limited.However, some players stand out for their innovation potential (development of biosimilars, food supplements, etc.) and their ability to project themselves abroad.In this context, Matine Consulting was mandated by an investment fund to identify an investment opportunity in this sector as well as to set up an investment strategy (plan for the creation of new investment strategy (value creation plan).The project strives to:

  • Identify the investment opportunity in the pharmaceutical sector.
  • Identify the segments that represent a real investment opportunity.
  • Define the investment strategy inherent to these opportunities.

Main achievements & impacts
  • Market study of the Tunisian pharmaceutical industry.
  • Selection of investment opportunities in segments representing a potential value creation potential.
  • Selection of a list of investment opportunities: segments to target, list of hotels.
  • Definition of an investment strategy.

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