2021 | Tunisia | Social-economic development | ICT & Innovation

Strategy and development of an e-commerce platform

Context & objectives:

Created in 2019, Mashmoom is an e-commerce platform based in Kairouan that connects consumers with local artisans, craftswomen, and producers who have traditionally had difficulty reaching customers in wider markets throughout Tunisia.In this context, Matine Consulting assisted Mashmoom in the improvement of its e-commerce platform :

  • Enhancing the quality of services.
  • Increasing the reach to consumers and providing professional and individualized display sites for each seller on the platform.
  • Increasing sales by 400,000 TND and creating 9 jobs by end of 2022.

Main achievements & impacts
  • Defining specifications for website improvements to enhance user experience
  • Implementing the first GDPR compliance measures to heighten data privacy

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