2013 | Tunisia | Services & Manufacturing

Definition of an expansion target in North Africa or Sub-Saharan Africa for a mobile terminal player and establishment of a business plan

Context & objectives:

With its positioning and its turnover, the customer, distributor of mobile terminals in Tunisia, began a reflection on its future strategic development paths. We were asked to define an expansion plan in North Africa or Sub-Saharan Africa. Indeed, these two markets mentioned above seem to enjoy a very strong potential in mobile telephony equipment and seem

Main achievements & impacts

    • Market analysis and list of the development opportunities to be considered in priority​
    • Strategic development plan​
    • Assumptions of the development ​ business plan​
    • Business plan on a period of 3 to 5 years​
    • Clear idea about the priority opportunities in Africa for expansion​
    • Assessment for the budget required for the expansion
  • First actions to undertake the expansion

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