2021 | Tunisia | Services & Manufacturing | Logistics & Mobility

Commercial due diligence for the acquisition of a player in the transport and logistics sector

Context & objectives:

Our Client, a private equity firm operating in the MEA region, considered an investment for a significant minority stake in a Tunisian company specializing in transportation and logistics in the Tunisian market.The objective of the project was to assess the attractiveness of this investment opportunity and to make recommendations to the client on whether or not to pursue this project, and if so, under what conditions the client should invest and what points of attention should be clarified.

Main achievements & impacts

The market study shows a promising growth dynamic driven by a penetration of logistics services among Tunisian principals, but also by a highly fragmented competitive landscape due in part to limited barriers to entry and the lack of a regulatory framework structuring the activity.The internal assessment shows the company's strength in the core business but challenges to be met to develop new activities and implement the development plan.

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