2013 | Tunisia | Tourism & culture

Definition of an investment strategy for an investment fund specialized in tourism

Context & objectives:

Tunisian tourism sector is facing structural issues, among which a heavy debt burden.In fact, ~154 hotels out of ~862 are considered to have serious financial issues.These problems have been emphasized by economic and social troubles particularly after January 2011​ With regards to this “exceptional context”, some hotels may represent an investment opportunity.To contribute to the restructuring of the sector and seize eventual opportunities, our client agreed to set up an Investment Vehicle of USD 60M fully dedicated to Tourism​ This fund would target selected investment opportunities according to a strategy to be defined​.

Main achievements & impacts
  • Market study of the Tunisian hotel industry​
  • Selection of opportunity segments with potential ​added value​​
  • Selection of potential investment opportunities : hotel segments to target, list of potential hotels​
  • Definition of the investment strategy

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