Building knowledge, shaping skills, creating impact

What we look for

There is no pattern that the candidate should fit it. In Matine, we do appreciate diversity and differences and we aim to make them a tool for success and a way to bring unique visions.
Nevertheless, our people share some qualities that are the core of our business and the backbone of our approach of success.

Analytical problem-solving skills
Being analytical refers to the way of thinking not the kind of problem being solved. It is not only about solving quantitative problems but how to basically handle them. We look for people who can break down problems into small pieces, collect reliable data, develop hypotheses reasonably using that data and finally reach an effective solution and a perfect big picture.
Entrepreneurial Spirit
Having entrepreneurial skills does not necessarily mean starting your own business. It involves taking advantage of opportunities, taking risks when needed, being significantly productive, being able to identify strengths and weaknesses, having both creative and critical thinking, being driven and persistent, and having a long-term vision.
Change Leader
Holding a state of mind of a leader means having a humble approach, being a great learner, having a strong influencing skill, having the passion for people and organization, being a traveler, a team worker and having a great network. Fluency in Arabic, French and English is required.

We help you create your own road

Becoming part of the team

In the journey of Matine, we are growing every day. Wherever we go and whatever we do, our people grow with us. We aim to give talented and innovative individuals the chance to explore new paths in a challenging and rewarding international environment.
We are committed to empower and motivate employees. We help them get inspired and feel valued. We aim to create an inclusive environment where diversity is one of our strength points. We strongly believe in the synergy and innovation of the teamwork.

Together we create impact, together we shape the future

Getting ready for your interviews

In Matine, the special journey starts from the interviews. Interviewing helps us learn about your skills and your potential. The goal is to communicate with candidates, make them feel comfortable and help them learn more about us and what they can do joining us.

There is no need to be stressed or anxious, remember that you impressed us already by your application. So, just be yourself, relax, and let your skills and intelligence show up.

Hiring is a two-steps process

Experience Interview

We like to get to know you more and hear about your experiences, achievements and challenges. We like to learn about your skills and what you can bring through that to our company.

Study Case Interview

We think the best way to learn about your analytical thinking and your problem-solving skills is to discuss a real case with you. It helps us understand how you break down problems, how you prioritize issues, how you identify data that should be gathered to solve the issues, how you deal with facts and how you structure a solution and formulate a recommendation. All thisĀ is brought in a fast-moving and smooth discussion.