Accounting, Agriculture, Banking, Business Services, Civil Engineering, Education, Energy, Entertainment, Environment, Family Offices, Financial Services, Governance, Health, Housing, Insurance, Innovation Management,Manufacturing, Marketing, Media and Utilities, Policy and Economics, Public Sector, Technology, Telecommunication


  • We develop and support our clients implementing winning strategies
  • We help our clients embrace digital banking by adapting their distribution channels and designing innovative products
  • We reengineer organization and processes in order to lower cost, increase efficiency and limit risks
  • We manage information system migration

Family offices

  • We offer modern Investment planning based on transparent and extensive Investment Planning Statement (IPS) while combining modern and behavioral portfolio theories
  • We put tax impact at the core of our investment planning approach
  • We use sophisticated planning tools including life balance sheet, core and excess capital estimation, Monte Carlo simulation, etc.
  • We diagnose and manage single-asset position risks and illiquidity


  • We help our clients define and refine effective strategies in response to market dynamics and regulatory changes
  • We help our clients design robust and cost effective operating models
  • We design extensive Investment Policy Statements (IPS) for insurance companies using advanced analytics and financial planning tools
  • We provide strategic due diligence assistance to our clients during the investment process in private companies

Public Policy Making

  • We strive to support public stakeholders in designing and implementing policies in alignment with local needs and with international standards and public institutions refresh their business model, adapt their know-how, operating models, business architecture and IT systems
  • We help governments, international institutions craft sector development policies and intervention and enhance their economic policy design and advocacy.
  • We strive to design monitoring and evaluation systems, to impact assessment of large scale non-commercial projects


  • We help our clients evolve from a local and regional model to a global structure, making agricultural sector increasingly attractive to corporations, public agencies, and society at large
  • We provide strategies and solutions based on new technologies to help agribusiness increase efficiency and cut costs
  • We strive to improve our clients’ access to markets, adjust to megatrends and manage uncertainty